The Club Car Theft Prevention Device Ad
Playboy · October 1988


“The Club”: Once locked on steering wheel makes steering impossible as extension is stopped by unmovable objects (windshield, door panel, seat). Tempered steel construction and double-tumbler lock makes “The Club” nearly impossible to defeat. Highly visible; deters thieves BEFORE they break in. Fits all steering wheels and easy to use. Results when field tested by over 500 L.A. Porsche owners: Not 1 car stolen!

Pittsburgh Police have declared war on auto theft and are now recommending “The Club” as their choice in anti-theft devices.

“I’ve never seen a more effective deterrent to auto theft”, Lt. John Mook, Pittsburgh Police Dept..

“I wholeheartedly endorse “The Club” and recommend it to everyone for the best in anti-theft protection”, Lt. Ron Carnavale, head of L.A.P.D. Auto Division for seven years.

And it’s guaranteed. We’re so sure of it’s deterrent value, we’ll pay your insurance deductible if your car is stolen, up to $200.

Available direct:
For cars: $59.95 + $5 shipping and handling
For trucks: $69.95 + $5 shipping and handling

Unbeatable Protection Guaranteed

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