HIS Sportswear Ad
Playboy · November 1958

Old Playboy ad for HIS Sportswear

For readers of Playboy the most versatile suit is


It’s rugged but relaxed. It’s comfortable and correct. It’s just right for today’s mood. And it’s just $25 at stores that appreciate value.
The jacket has narrow lapels and a leather tab that buttons back when desired. Natural shoulders. Leather-trim on all pockets. Genuine leather buttons. Foulard lining.
The slacks are Post-Grads, newest concept of the Ivy look. Two neat flaps on the back pockets (no buckle and strap). Leather-trim on front pockets. Slim tapered legs. Washable.

The jacket may be bought separately for about $18; the Post-Grads for about $7.

Don’t envy H I S… wear them

If you cannot find HIS sportswear at your favorite store, write to HIS, 230 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N.Y.


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