Colombia Record Club $7.95 Stereo Phonograph Ad
Playboy · March 1966

Columbia Record Club ad

COLUMBIA RECORD CLUB now enables you to get this drop-point STEREO PHONOGRAPH for only $7.95 (a $39.95 value)

if you begin your membership by purchasing one record now and agreed by a record every four weeks during the coming year

HERE’S A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO OWN this beautifully designed Columbia Stereo Phonograph – a $39.95 value – for only $7.95 (plus postage)!

This unique enrollment plan for new members of the Columbia Record Club enables you to acquire this fine delete Stereo Phonograph at a fraction of its value, just by purchasing stereo records which you probably would want to add to your record library in the coming months anyway.

HOW TO GET YOUR STEREO PHONOGRAGH. it’s simple! – Just select any one of the 12 inch long-playing stereo records shown below – the regular Club price. Indicate your choice on the coupon… And at the same time, be sure to indicate the type of music in which you are mainly interested: Classical; Listening and Dancing; Broadway and Hollywood: Country and Western; Team Hits: Jazz.

As soon as your application is processed, you will receive the phonograph and the stereo record of your choice, together with the bill for $12.74 (that’s $4.79 for the record, $7.95 for phonograph), plus postage.(If you select a higher-priced record, you will be billed accordingly.)

THREE STEREO MUSIC MAGAZINE. Every four weeks you’ll receive, free, that Clubs entertaining music Magazine – which will describe over 200 stereo records… A truly wide selection to suit every musical taste

You may accept any of the selections offered in the Magazine – from any field of music. The records you want will be mailed then billed to you the regular Club price of $4.79 (Classical $5.79 occasional Original Cast recordings and special albums somewhat higher), plus a small mailing and handling charge.

Your only membership obligation is to purchase a record every four weeks during the coming year… And you may discontinue membership at any time thereafter if you do decide to continue, however, you’ll be eligible for the Clubs generous bonus-record plan… which enables you to get the stereo records you want for as little as $2.89 each (plus a small mailing charge).

SEND NO MONEY NOW — just fill in and mail the coupon today for your Stereo Phonograph!

solid-state amplifier • 4-speeds — plays all 16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM records — both stereo and regular high fidelity • Two powerful, detachable speaker units — with 8 foot cords for maximum stereo effect • Feather-light on with two dual styli and sensitive stereo cartridge • Two volume controls for perfect balance • Washable, pyroxylin-treated covering  •  UL approved — A.C. only

This Columbia Stereo Phonographcomes with a one-year guarantee on service and parts

Begin your membership with anyone of the stereo records

More Hits – The Supremes
My Name is barbra Barbra Streisand
Roger Miller – The Third Time Around
Andy Williams – Dear Heart
Softly, As I Leave You – Frank Sinatra
Remember Me – Dean Martin
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Vladimir Horowitz
Spectaculars! – Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, others
Songs for the Jet Set – Tony Bennett
Broadway Bouquet: The Magnificent Strings of Percy Faith
My Fair Lady – Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison

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