Bose 901 Speaker System Ad
Playboy · December 1975

Old ad for Bose stereo equipment

Reputation… backed by performance Bose 901 speaker system

The speaker that made the Bose reputation one of the most respected in the hi-fi industry.

The speaker that has been hailed by music and equipment critics as without equal in performance.

The speaker that offer reflected and direct sound from nine full-range drivers for the most spacious, clear, lifelike sound attainable; and flat power radiation for accurate musical timbre.

If you buy a speaker for its reputation, be sure it’s backed by performance. Listen to the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system and hear the sound that confirms everything that’s been said about it.

The Mountain, Framingham, Mass. 01701

Bose also produces a super Direct/Reflecting bookshelf speaker system, the new Model 301. Please write us for the complete story of the 901.

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