Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey Ad
Playboy · July 1963

Vintage Scotch advertisement from 1963 Playboy

Caption: Photographed at Lock Lomond, Scotland, by “21” Brands

Loch Lomond, Scotland’s celebrated lake of ballad and verse, imparts something very special to Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky. It lends some of its serenity and sunny-lightness to the spirit. Realistically, Loch Lomond’s azure waters are perfect for making Scotch. For good Scotch requires a water of uncommon gentleness. and the Loch’s water is measured at only 3 to 5 degrees of hardness (London’s water measures up to 300 degrees). another important consideration: Ballantine’s contains a delicate harmony of 42 Scotch Whiskies, each contributing its particular flavor to this Scotch’s pleasing personality.

The final result is Scotch never brash or heavy–nor so limply light that it merely teases the taste buds. The final result is Scotch Whisky  as Scotch Whisky should be. Good-natured, full of proud heritage, flaunting its authentic flavor and quality to all those who enjoy its company. Just a few reasons why: the more you know about Scotch the more you like Ballantine’s. 

Bottled in Scotland • Blended Scotch Whisky • 86 Proof • Imported by “21” Brands, Inc., N.Y.C.

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