Bacardi Party Ad
Playboy · July 1963

Old Bacardi advertisement

It’s a humdinger of an idea for a party!

Here’s a switch. The classic Bacardi Party, as you know, is where the Post supplies the mix things – as many as you can think of – and the guests bring the Bacardi. Dress this option. Fun is gauranteed.

Well, now we’re getting reports of Bacardi Parties where the host supplies both the mixings and the Bacardi, and everyone dresses the nines! Like in the picture above. But why not?

It’s the Bacardi that makes the Party. Dress as you please, Bacardi is a subtle, dry man-pleasing taste – and an almost uncanny mixability – unlike any other spirit in the world.

You probably have half a Bacardi Party right now. The other half is at your liquor dealer’s at a very sensible price. It’d be a shame to keep them apart – and miss all the fun!


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