A&C Grenadier Cigars Ad
Playboy · February 1970

Old A &C Grenadier cigars ad

Get behind an A&C Grenadier.

They won… and he scored the winning touchdown. You couldn’t be prouder. Now you can relax with an unforgettable cigar—the mild tasting A&C Grenadier. You get real flavor from the Grenadier because it has A&C’s unique blend of fine imported and choice domestic tobaccos. And real flavor is the reason so many men are buying so many A&C’s. So get behind an A&C Grenadier. Available in light or dark wrapper, it’s shown full size on the left. Or try a Panetela, a Tony or one of nine other A&C shapes and sizes.

Antonio y Cleopatra
Pack or box, you’re ahead behind an A&C.

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